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PCHC Tools

We have developed teaching and learning tools for all professionals. All materials were created following latest recommendations and reliable research findings. The aim is to use these tools for teaching future professionals.

Do you know your own fertility or reproductive health? Here's a test and quiz to help your students to learn more!

Fertility and the possibility for pregnancy are results of many factors. Not all couples succeed in pregnancy, even though no problems are found. The root causes of fertility problems are distributed evenly between men and women. Sometimes the reason is never found.

Reproductive health means an optimal state, where one is healthy and naturally fertile. Protecting one’s fertility by making wise choices that has long term effect, is the best promotion of health and youth, even if having children is not in the immediate future plans.

The test and quiz were made by the ViVa -project team. The aim of the ViVa (Wise choices) -project is to increase fertility awareness, which is based on researched evidence. http://viva.tamk.fi/ (in Finnish).

??? Dear healthcare teachers ?‍? and other practicioners, please, let us suggest which tools/e-contents etc. to...

Posted by Project PreconNet on Wednesday, March 18, 2020
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